Extreme weather calls for emergency preparedness kits now more than ever 

Emergency preparedness kits are essential gear to keep residents safe as cold frontsice storms and tornados raged across the U.S. Again, we are reminded of how imperative it is to have a kit available when extreme weather events or unforeseen emergency situations arise. 

Get yourself a flashlight that doesn’t need replacement batteries 

Whenever extreme weather strikes, stores frequently sell out of batteries within the course of hours or a few days. If your only flashlight requires a battery, then you may be one of the unlucky people stuck without light during a power outage 

Shake flashlights, crank lanterns, and even solar flashlights are so important to keep in your emergency preparedness kit. Not only do they NEVER require a replacement battery due to their manual charge, but they are also durable and capable of storage for long periods with zero maintenance. 

Emergency Preparedness Kits NEED a Shake Flashlight and Crank lantern

Two versions of shake flashlights are available: capacitor and NiMH battery. NightStar JP and NightStar Green LED are capacitor flashlights, capable of delivering decades of worry-free operation. NightStar flashlights are the ultimate emergency flashlight. Whether used daily, once a year, or even once every five years, these capacitor flashlights continue to shine. All that is required is capacitor recharge, which can be done easily by simply shaking the light. 

SL1 Crank lanterns are another great option to keep in your emergency preparedness kit. Instead of shaking this light, you just turn the crank to recharge the capacitor. Since it is the size of a hockey puck and only weighs 4 ounces, these lanterns easily fit into a car’s glovebox, kitchen drawer, or backpack. 

Why HaveLight flashlights, lanterns and supplies. 

Whether you’re stranded on the roadside during a breakdown or stuck at home without light during a power outage, it’s important to keep a dependable light source available in case of emergency. 

There were repeated reports of drivers stuck in snow in the South during March snow and ice storms. With many of the Southern states unprepared for icy conditions, these drivers were unable to be towed or get roadside assistance. If you’re stranded in winter weather with low visibility, it is necessary to have some form of lighting to alert other drivers to your presence. 

This is where LED Road Flares and Batons are extremely handy. Magnetic base and multi-light pattern options these safety lights stick to the side of your vehicle allowing approaching passersby to notice you immediately. Not only does this reduce the risk of an accident occurring, but it also increases your chance of getting noticed by someone who can help.

And for those that found themselves without power for days on end, a flashlight that doesn’t rely on batteries is the perfect way to keep the house lit at night. Yet another reason to keep manual flashlights in your emergency preparedness kit. With a normal flashlight, you may easily run out of batteries in a prolonged power outage. Even if you were able to get to the store – which many people were not due to icy roads and poor visibility – many of the stores ran out of batteries. 

Looking to the future 

Severe weather events are on the increase. With extreme weather continuing to ramp up over the last decade and even in the last yearwe can expect destructive weather throughout the year.  

Make sure you’re prepared for future storms with an emergency preparedness kit stocked full of essential items like manual flashlights for power outages, roadside emergencies, and more.