NightStar JP Shake Flashlight, White LED, Rechargeable Faraday Light No Battery Zero Upkeep 5yr Warranty

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NightStar JP Shake Flashlight (NSJP) Years of Unfailing Illumination, Zero Maintenance

NightStar JP Shake Flashlight, NightStar Green LED shake to charge flashlight and Shake Light 40-B are each recognized globally as Best Shake Flashlight. NightStar’s energy storage design operates by passing a rare earth neodymium magnet through a copper wire coil (solenoid) and storing the energy in a gold film capacitor. NightStar flashlights are different from other emergency flashlights by eliminating dependence on batteries.

The white LED light emitted from NightStar JP provides general illumination capable of lighting objects to a throw distance of thirty feet. NSJP completely sealed housing withstands underwater submersion to depths exceeding two hundred feet. The poly-carbonate plastic housing protects the internal components from dust, water, and chemical exposure, plus it allows NightStar to float upright. Finding NSJP in the dark is enhanced by the Glow-N-Dark switch. In addition, NightStar JP Shake Flashlight is shockproof from a drop height of 4 feet and withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures. Charging NightStar with the switch in the on position creates a stroboscopic burst of light, which when used as a signaling device is viewable from over a mile away.

What Makes NightStar JP Shake Flashlight JP Outstanding!

NightStar Shake Flashlight JP is not the brightest shake torch, but it is the world’s most reliable. Backed with a 5-year warranty, NightStar can be stored in a drawer, toolbox, boat, about anywhere for years with no risk of internal component corrosion. Moreover, the capacitor is capable of recharging hundreds of thousands of times providing decades of unfailing maintenance free use. NightStar is not your everyday flashlight. When suspended in a horizontal position, NSJP operates as a compass with the lens end of the flashlight pointing towards magnetic north. When Light is Essential… Choose NightStar.

Technical Specifications:

Product Number: ECN00608
Manufacturer: EcoCentricNow LLC
UPC Number: 810346000608
LED Color = White
Beam Range = 30 feet (15m)
Beam Diameter = 12 feet (3.6m)
Light Output = 15lm (laser collimation)
Charge Time = 30 seconds
Power Source = Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet
Energy Storage = Capacitor
Light Duration = 12 minutes
Waterproof Depth = 200 feet (61m)
Impact Resistance = 4ft Drop
Housing = Polycarbonate Plastic
Lens = Acrylic
Corrosion Proof = motor oil, diesel fuel, salt water & mild acids
Storage Temperature = -40F (-40c) to +140F (+70c)
Dimensions = Length 10 inches (25cm) Diameter 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
Weight = 11oz (308 grams)
Limited Warranty = 5 years
Compass = flashlight lens points north when suspended horizontally
Recommended Accessory = LightFinder Glow-N-Dark Luminescent Wall Holster

NightStar JP Shake Flashlight is an essential emergency light for safety kits, bug out bags, camping, backpacking, and supporting STEM education programs. The result of advanced engineering applications, a commitment to outstanding manufacturing practices, and quality control, NSJP provides exceptional performance.   NightStar jP – the Ultimate Survival Flashlight!

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in