HaveLight.com globally distributes LED lighting products and accessories that provide lasting performance. HaveLight.com brings to market superior performing flashlights, lanterns and LED lighting systems for commercial and residential properties that can be counted on for everyday use, and during emergency conditions. HaveLight.com merchandise provides the added benefit of saving money while supporting environmental stewardship.

Markets and Distribution Channels

Our LED merchandise supports the recreation, emergency preparedness, education, property management, and eco-friendly (green) product markets. Distribution channels include sporting goods stores, survival preparedness and supply, non-profit organizations, Federal, state and local governments, educational institutions (schools and museums) and the transportation industry.

HaveLight.com Partnerships

In partnership with our manufacturing associates HaveLight.com is constantly evaluating new products and selectively adding new discoveries to our product catalog. For additional information about becoming a supplier, interested in purchasing bulk quantities, or becoming a Distributor please Contact Us.