Duracell, Energizer & Rayovac Batteries, Case and Pallet Quantity, Factory Fresh with Full Warranty

Duracell, Energizer and Rayovac Batteries. All Cell Sizes, Chemistries, Primary and Rechargeable Options

HaveLight partners with national distributors to provide our customers with the best in battery technology. Our supply associates specialize in industrial distributor advantaged pricing, industry-leading minimum orders, and distribute only factory fresh fully warrantied batteries. HaveLight battery customers include national retail stores, government agencies, military, industrial and commercial customers. Inventory is extensive and ships from warehouse facilities strategically located in Florida and Tennessee. Order quantities range from case quantities to pallet.

Selections include all standard “primary” batteries AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, and specialized cells including button-coin, specialty, rechargeable, hearing aid and lantern. Supporting our customer requirements battery selection also includes various terminal options: button top, miniature snap, flat contact, spring and button. Retail or bulk packaging is available with sleeve and block options offered depending upon purchase quantity and cell types.

When selecting batteries always match battery type i.e. high or low drain and chemistry, with equipment manufacturer’s recommendation. Do not mix old batteries with new. In addition, do not mix battery brands in the same device.

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