Memorable Holiday Gifts Providing Years of Lasting Operation

The Christmas clock is ticking and you’re looking for a memorable holiday gift that delivers years of maintenance and worry-free use. You also do not want to break the bank. Maybe you’re looking for a gift for multiple family members or friends. offers an assortment of rechargeable flashlights which fit the bill.

Shake Light 40B, Human Powered Magnetic Charging Flashlight

Our first memorable holiday gift is Shake Light 40B. This human powered shake flashlight provides illumination for years without ever replacing the battery. With a beam throw distance of 35+ feet, SL40B focused light is ideal for walking the dog at night, coping with power outages, safely enjoying outdoor recreation adventures, or keeping the kids entertained. Shake Light 40B is not a toy! It is an impact and water-resistant flashlight that has been a STEM education mainstay demonstrating the physics behind renewable energy. The NiMH cell is capable of recharging hundreds of times by simply moving the magnet through the copper wire coil. Compact is size, only measuring 7-inches in length and weighing 4-ounces, the flashlight can be stored in the kitchen drawer, vehicle glove box, backpack, or toolbox.

Advancing shake flashlight technology to the realm of ultimate emergency flashlight is where NightStar JP resides. Since 1997, NSJP is recognized globally as the best shake flashlight. It too operates using Faraday’s principle of magnetic induction but instead of storing electrical energy in a battery it stores energy in a Panasonic gold-film capacitor. NSJP flashlights operate for decades without spending a dime on maintenance. NightStar JP is not the brightest flashlight, but its polycarbonate housing is waterproof and floats, the optically optimized lens collimates the beam like a laser, and its rugged construction can withstand the rigors of any hot-cold-wet-dry environment on the planet. Larger in size than SL40B, NightStar JP is ten inches in length and weighs in at 10-ounces. Oh yeah, it can also operate as a strobe light signaling device and when suspended horizontally it becomes a compass.

Solar Flashlights, USA Assembled, Rugged Aircraft Aluminum Body

If human powered recharging is not your thing, or your gift recipient, and you still want a rechargeable flashlight that is environmentally friendly then the Fusion Solar Flashlight is the answer. This memorable holiday gift is machined from aircraft aluminum, and incorporating a robust polycrystalline solar panel, Fusion solar flashlight three LEDs are powered by a replaceable 2200mAh NiMH battery. The battery can fully recharge within 4-hours of sun exposure and provides up to 6-hours of continuous light.

Like SL40B, Fusion solar flashlight also has an advanced sibling the Ultimate Solar Flashlight. The ultimate series marries an assortment of interchangeable light attachments including a 7-LED cluster floodlight, a choice of 1W or 3W LED spotlight, or a flexible tube light. Powered by two replaceable AA 2400mAh NiMH batteries the Ultimate flashlight can operate for 8 continuous hours. Machined from aircraft aluminum the flashlight is equipped with a polycrystalline solar panel producing output power of 62.5mA at 4.5 volts. With a length of 6.25 inches and weighing 11 ounces this Assembled in the USA water resistant flashlight keeps shining in the most extreme conditions.