Best Flashlight: Shake Flashlights, Crank Flashlights, Solar Flashlights and Solar Lantern

Although best flashlight is subjective the below product summary offers insight into lighting options that go beyond traditional battery flashlight offerings. It’s always good to be prepared and as severe weather impacts lives across the country, you want to make sure you’re equipped for anything, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best flashlights to keep in your car, camping bag, and most importantly, your emergency preparedness kit.

Best Flashlight – Shake Light 40-B with NiMH Battery

Since 1997, rechargeable shake flashlights have come in a variety of sizes with different levels of quality. Shake Light 40-B (SL40B) represents the best flashlight in this manually rechargeable battery class. A smaller version of the NightStar Shake Flashlight, SL40B utilizes a NiMH battery instead of a capacitor. Quality engineering and manufacturing is incorporated into this flashlight, which utilizes a N42 neodymium rare earth magnet and optimized lens to maximize beam efficiency. To ensure longevity of use all components are package in a sealed body. This no maintenance flashlight is an essential torch for all occasions. Whether you get stuck on the side of the road with car troubles or have a power outage at home, you can’t go wrong with this renewable energy flashlight.

Shake Light 40-B gets its name from its charging method which incorporates a powerful magnet to generate electricity. As the magnet passes through a copper coil (solenoid) the linear electrical generator recharges the NiMH battery. The efficient charging system generates four minutes of illumination output for each one minute of shaking. The manufacturer, EcoCentricNow LLC, recommends operating the flashlight for 15 to 30 minutes intervals to reduce battery recharge time. In addition to long-lasting light, this flashlight is durable, requires zero maintenance, and is water resistant. You won’t need to worry about corroded batteries or making sure you have spare batteries in case of a power outage.

Shake Light 40-B Flashlight is the perfect companion on camping or backpacking trips and ideal for off-grid living. Another notable use is supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education as a tool that demonstrates a variety of renewable energy concepts.

NightStar Shake Flashlight with Gold Film Capacitor

Hands down the Best Flashlight for emergency preparedness is the NightStar Shake Flashlight. Like SL40B, NightStar is mechanically charged by shaking the rare earth magnet through the copper wire coil. Unlike SL40B, energy is stored in a gold film capacitor capable of recharging 100,000 times. Flashlights manufactured in 1997 continue to light the way decades later with zero maintenance. The polycarbonate housing, optically enhanced lens, optimized coil – magnet geometry, magnetic repulsion charging system and magnetic Reed switch form the perfect combination of components.

Encased in a virtually indestructible poly-carbonate housing NightStar can withstand significant abuse, underwater submersion to depths exceeding 200 feet and operates in temperatures ranging from -40F (-40c) to +140F (+70c). It gets better, suspended horizontally the lens end of NightStar points to magnetic north. The flashlight floats in an upright position and it’s accessorized with a Glow-N-Dark switch for easy location in the dark. Shaking the flashlight in the on position generates a stroboscopic burst of light that can be seen for miles.

Although NightStar is not the brightest flashlight, it is arguably the most reliable flashlight ever made. Backed by a Five-year warranty, NightStar should be by your side when Light is Essential.

LightStorm SL1 Crank Lantern – Capacitor

Like shake flashlights, SL1 lantern gets its charge manually. Instead of shaking, you just turn the crank. It’s the perfect addition to your renewable energy lighting assets. The size of a hockey puck and only weighing 4 ounces SL1 fits into a car’s glovebox, kitchen drawer or backpack.

LightStorm SL1 operates as a spotlight and floodlight, which can illuminate an 18-foot (six meter) diameter area at 15 feet (five meters) and as a red LED flashing emergency light. The capacitor can be recharged over 100,000 times and can be stored at temperatures as low as –40F to as high as 140F.

To augment use flexibility SL1 is equipped with a disk magnet for attachment to metallic surfaces such as a car body or refrigerator and also includes a suspension ring for hanging from a tent loop.

Fusion Solar Flashlight S050

The Fusion Solar Flashlight is yet another rechargeable flashlight capable of providing up to six hours of light per charge, which makes it perfect for outdoor recreation (hang it from your pack while you’re out during the day), emergency preparedness (if you know a storm is coming, stick it out in the sun for a few hours so that it’s all charged up and ready to go), or even walking the dog at night.

Lightweight, compact, and water resistant, the Fusion Solar Flashlight is perfect for camping, backpacking, and hiking. It projects a throw distance up to 40 feet and fits perfectly in the LightFinder Flashlight Holster, a Glow-N-Dark wall mount that conveniently stores an assortment of flashlights and operates as a zero-maintenance rechargeable night light.

Best Accessory – LightFinder Flashlight Holster

Okay, so this one isn’t a flashlight per se, but it’s a great addition to any emergency preparedness kit. This Glow-N-Dark flashlight holster can be mounted to a wall using the included anchor screws and secures flashlights with a diameter of 1.25 to 2.25-inches. No more digging through your junk drawer in a power outage!

Solar Pod Light SPL65

Rounding out our list of Best Flashlights, although typically used as a lantern, is Solar Pod Light SPL65. Manufactured in the USA, SPL65 is a rugged compact design light that easily installs as a ceiling light or used to enhance yard landscaping. Equipped with four high intensity LED’s, Solar Pod emits 65 lumens of light which adequately illuminates a 100 square foot area.

Constructed to be weatherproof and tamper resistant SPL65 charges during the daytime and provides over 30-hours of continuous light. Powered by four AA 2200mAH NiMH batteries, Solar Pod operation is controlled by a two- position switch that regulates manual on or photocell auto-on.

Solar Pod is the perfect off-grid lighting solution. With no wiring and a housing designed to withstand years of harsh weather conditions, SPL65 sets the standard for lighting in sheds, portable restrooms and nighttime work operations where portable lighting is a necessity.

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