Best Shake Flashlight – When Light Really Matters!

A Shake flashlight is a type of mechanically powered flashlight – powered manually through your own muscle power. Rechargeable shake flashlights use a capacitor or NiMH battery to store electrical energy in their storage cell (a.k.a. battery). Shaking the LED flashlight allows the rare Earth magnet to pass through the copper wire coil, which generates electricity that recharges the battery. That means no replacement batteries, no charging from an electrical source, and best of all, this efficient charging system provides years of maintenance-free operation, which is why these lights are known as Forever Flashlights. They’re a wonderful balance of functional, economical, and environmentally friendly technology that saves an owner money by eliminating future purchase of replacement batteries.

Shake Flashlight – Mechanically Powered Flashlight

Shake lights are hardy, durable, and as mentioned, provide years of worry-free, no maintenance operation. Two versions are available: capacitor and NiMH battery. NightStar JP and NightStar Green LED are capacitor flashlights, capable of delivering decades of worry-free operation. NightStar flashlights are the ultimate emergency flashlight. Whether used daily, once a year, or even once every five years, these capacitor flashlights continue to shine. All that is required is capacitor recharge. The capacitor allows for light projection for approximately 10 minutes before recharging is required, which only takes roughly 30 seconds of shaking. The rare earth magnet repulsion system maximizes recharge efficiency. Other notable features of NightStar flashlights include operation in extreme hot or cold conditions, a robust shock-resistant polycarbonate casing capable of withstanding drops of four feet, and a flashlight that floats and is submersible to depths exceeding 200 feet. Another unique feature is suspending the light horizontally to operate as a compass: the optically engineered acrylic lens points to magnetic north.

Rechargeable Battery Powered Shake Light 40-B

An alternative to the NightStar capacitor design is Shake Light 40-B (SL40) NiMH battery energy storage. Smaller in size and less expensive to purchase, SL40 provides light for a longer duration of up to 2-hours due to the higher energy storage a battery provides. The rare earth neodymium magnet creates electricity (Faraday’s Law) by passing through the copper wire coil (solenoid). Generated electricity is saved in the 3.6-volt NiMH battery. Batteries work best when periodically recharged. NiMH batteries generally have a lifespan of approximately five years. ShakeLight 40-B, like NightStar, are maintenance-free torches, separate from recharging the energy storage cell. A bonus, Shake Light 40-B is useful in STEM education as a demonstrative tool for teaching about renewable energy generation and conservation of resources (batteries, electricity, etc.). Even their construction is more environmentally friendly than other flashlights due to less materials used in manufacturing.

Shake Flashlight a Must Have Tool

Power outages, an emergency go-bag, or stranded on the side of the road, a shake flashlight is a must-have tool. Both flashlights easily store in a kitchen drawer, work desk, vehicle glove box, just about anywhere. Improve flashlight storage with the LightFinder Glow-n-Dark Flashlight Holster. Shake lights are also great for camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor recreational activities. It’s always good to be prepared, no matter the situation.