Vortex Crank Flashlight

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  • Vortex Crank Flashlight

Vortex Crank Flashlight | Safety Light | Spotlight, Floodlight, Emergency Beacon, Phone Charger | 90 Lumen Spotlight | Waterproof, Floats

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Vortex Crank Flashlight – Everyday Use and Emergency Light

Vortex Crank Flashlight sets the standard for crank light performance and reliability. Accordingly, this light is a workhorse capable of providing years of worry free use resulting from quality components, a housing molded from impact resistant ABS plastic and a robust drive gear mechanism. Operational underwater to a depth of 33 feet; notwithstanding, the light also floats. This flashlight is a watercraft essential. Projecting a spotlight beam to a distance of 100+ feet, floodlight illumination to 35 feet with wide angle light dispersion and operates as a flashing emergency beacon capable of being seen from miles away, Vortex can save the day!

Vortex Crank Flashlight – Mobile Phone Charger

Suitable for everyday use or emergency flashlight, which is conveniently stored in the home, office, vehicle or boat emergency kit; Vortex is an invaluable safety flashlight. In the event of a power outage the crank mechanism operates as a generator capable of recharging a variety of mobile devices including most cell phones. Plug in your mobile device using the included micro USB adaptor and cable and install an electrical charge to your device battery by simply cranking the handle. Under challenging circumstances, Vortex is ideal for making sure your mobile phone is available to keep friends and family informed of your condition and whereabouts or to contact emergency services.

Off Grid and Power Outages

Few flashlights are as well suited for off grid living, camping, hunting and fishing. Power outages across the country are frequent and at times long lasting. This is particularly true with the increasing severity of weather systems and other emergencies such as earthquakes. Be prepared and stay safe!

Vortex Crank Flashlight Technical Specifications

  • Spotlight Illumination Range = 100 feet (30m)
  • Spotlight Illumination Range (Underwater) = 35 feet (10.5m)
  • Spotlight Power = 1 watt (90 lumen)
  • Spotlight Duration = 45 minutes
  • Emergency Beacon Mode – Spotlight Duration = 45 minutes
  • Floodlight Illumination Range = 25 feet (7.5m)
  • Floodlight Power = 2 LEDs .25 watt each (35 lumen)
  • Floodlight Duration = 60 minutes
  • Energy Storage = NiMH Batteries
  • Crank Charging Time = 2 minutes
  • Waterproof Depth = 33 feet (10m) and Floats
  • LED Lifetime – Spotlight = 10,000 hours – Floodlight = 80,000 hours
  • Charge Port = 6 volt – 200 mA output
  • Size = Length: 7″ (17.3cm) x 2.7″ (6.9cm) x 2.2″ (5.7cm)
  • Weight = 15oz (426g)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in


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