Fuji Battery 1100BP2, Heavy Duty D, Case Qty 96 Cells, 2 Pack, Zinc-Carbon Chemistry


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Fuji Battery 1100BP2, Heavy Duty D cell, Flashlights and Other Low Drain Electronics

Fuji Battery 1100BP2. Heavy Duty D cell battery powers a variety of low and mid drain devices such as clocks, flashlights and transistor radios. Generally, a heavy-duty battery supports work environments requiring large battery consumption while minimizing battery expense. Fuji heavy duty battery is a zinc-carbon dry cell primary battery (non-rechargeable), delivering 1.5 volts of direct current, resulting from the chemical reaction between zinc and manganese dioxide. Heavy Duty batteries are typically referred to as general-purpose batteries and use an aqueous paste of ammonium chloride as the electrolyte. Fuji Heavy Duty batteries have a 3-year shelf life.

Fuji Battery 1100BP2 Details:

  • Brand: Fuji Heavy Duty D Battery
  • Part Numbers: 3100BP2
  • Size: D
  • Individual Package Options: 2 Pack
  • Number of Cells/Case: 48 cells
  • Device Suitability: Low and Mid Drain Devices
  • Chemistry: Zinc-carbon
  • Battery Shelf Life: 3 years

Low and Mid-drain Device Battery Advantages:

  • Superior service performance on low and mid drain rated devices
  • Outstanding cold temperature performance
  • Lower internal resistance
  • Greater resistance to leakage

Click Here to learn about the performance and environmental advantages of Fuji Batteries. Fuji Battery is the industry leader in the promotion of sustainable development with ZERO ozone depleting compounds emitted during manufacturing and over 75% recycled materials used in product packaging.

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 10 in
Batteries Per Pkg & Case Qty

2-pack Total 48 cells