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Why Should I Buy Waterproof LED Flashlights?

Flashlights are an invaluable tool for work, general use around the home and of course during emergencies. LED flashlights are increasingly the norm when it comes to handheld lighting devices. LED technology supports a vast assortment of flashlight and lantern designs including waterproof battery flashlights, shake flashlights, crank flashlights and solar flashlights.

Advancements in handheld lighting technology support manufacturing of waterproof flashlights in sizes that only a few years ago simply were not possible. Selection of LED flashlights capable of withstanding underwater conditions or frequent water exposure involves researching the product before purchasing. There is a big difference between waterproof and water resistant. Things can go downhill if your flashlight does not switch on when you need it most.

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Water is the enemy of a traditional flashlight. It penetrates the flashlight head around the benzel, switch and battery compartment. Water contacting the battery advances battery corrosion and destroys the electrical circuit. If your flashlight use involves rain, excessive humidity or in proximity to a lake or ocean then you need a waterproof LED flashlight to ensure reliable illumination.

Waterproof flashlights are particularly useful when boating including power boats, canoeing and kayaking. It’s inevitable your flashlight will get wet and possibly fall into the water. Flashlights including the NightStar shake flashlight and Vortex Crank flashlight float in addition to withstanding submersion! LED Emergency Flares are also waterproof and can be a lifesaver!

Other environments where a waterproof flashlight comes in handy is when the flashlight requires decontamination or it’s used in locations where rain may cause the light to fail such as when changing a tire or out on the hiking trail. Quality waterproof flashlights are well engineered and constructed and can withstand years of use.

Buy waterproof flashlights when you need illumination that withstands exposure to wet conditions and harsh environments. Reliable illumination capable of operating when exposed to water can be the difference between seeing what you’re doing or being justify in the dark.

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