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The Beauty of Fall: Perfect Time for Hunting & Backpack Adventures

What a wonderful time of year fall is for are exploring nature. Camping and hunting are among the favorite outdoor sports people enjoy; particularly, during the months of September through November. There is no better time of year to go backpacking than in the fall. With cool air announcing the change of season and changing leaves ushering in spectacular vistas of color, it’s a magical time to experience nature’s beauty.

If you live in the Rocky Mountain States by the end of September the Aspen have shed their leaves in the high country foregoing their golden lighting of the hillsides and valleys. The trumpeting of elk can be heard throughout the mountains with the occasional spotting of large herds as they travel to lower elevation pastures. It’s this time of year big game hunters are anxious to travel with compound bow or rifle, shortly after bow season, to harvest delicious game and possibly a trophy animal. Backpackers and day hikers strike out for trails covering thousands of miles offering views never seen through the windshield of a car.

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Falls beauty is longer lasting along the east coast of the United States. A favorite path to follow if time allows is the Appalachian Mountain range from Maine to Georgia. Spectacular vistas are abundant and if Mother Nature has provided enough rain throughout the summer the changing colors are nothing short of breathtaking. The explosive vibrancy of maples in New England turns the hills a spectacular orange glow with offsets of other colors, which provide the perfect balance of contrast. Hiking and Backpacking among the trees is a surreal experience.

Entering the Mid-Atlantic States and heading south through the Carolinas the flora changes to a variety of mix hardwood forest that produces the perfect balance of every color imaginable in nature. A rainbow spreads over the landscape providing a feast for the eyes. Deer season is in full swing, and like fellow hunters from out west, bow and rifle season brings men and women in search of game.  Hunting is so much more that stocking an animal. It’s staking out a hillside or tree stand and breathing air flavored with falling leaves and cool breezes while taking in scenery that refreshes the soul.

To experience fall is to get outdoors and enjoy the feast of colors, smells and vistas that allow appreciation of nature’s beauty. Whether traveling with backpack, day pack or on horseback what’s important is leave the vehicle behind and feel the earth underneath your feet and breathe deep.  

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