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Vortex Crank Flashlight

Crank Flashlights, Lanterns and Radios

Crank Flashlights, Lanterns and Radios Mechanically powered flashlights including crank and shake have seen significant marketplace acceptance due to their ability to generate their own power to recharge a NiMH battery, Lithium battery or capacitor. Earlier version of the technology stored energy in a spring but with the introduction of improved energy storage cells this […]

NightStar jP No Battery Shake Flashlight

Shake Flashlight Technology

Shake Flashlights – The Original. With the development of rare earth magnets towards the end of the 20th century, generators capable of converting mechanical energy to electrical energy reached astounding efficiencies of 85% and higher. In addition, advancements in high energy capacitors and solid state Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) were simultaneously occurring. In 1997, Applied […]

SL40 Magnetic Flashlight

SL40 Magnetic Flashlight Purchased by NEED and SchoolKidz

SL40 Magnetic Flashlight Leads the Way! SL40 Magnetic flashlight selected by National Energy Educational Development (NEED) and SchoolKidz, a subsidiary of Staples Corporation, to support renewable energy education and emergency preparedness. We believe ongoing purchases is an affirmation that SL40 Magnetic Flashlight separates itself from other shake flashlights by delivering superior performance at a price that appeals to […]