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Solar Gear Options for Camping: Lanterns and Flashlights

When camping and backpacking, you require equipment that is dependable. Ideally you need quality merchandise that stands the test of inclement weather and rough conditions. If your camping gear cannot withstand the rigors of the trail then leave it at home. Hikers know there isn’t a store around the corner to purchase replacement supplies. Isn’t that the whole idea of hiking, to get away from civilization?

Quality solar equipment, which includes solar lanterns and flashlights from are ideal for backpacking and camping. Solar power lighting eliminates dependence upon alkaline batteries and with select models also operates as a charging station for a wide assortment of portable devices.

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With advanced technology including better solar cells to harness solar energy and high-density batteries; a fully charged solar flashlight or lantern will see you through the night. Supporting efficient lighting equipment use, solar lanterns and flashlights are designed to operate in low and high beam settings. In low beam mode the battery charge is conserved for longer use. With new LEDs the low beam setting provides plenty of light for hours.

Flashlights running on chemical cells can only operate for a limited time and you don’t have the option to recharge them. This inconvenience is eliminated when you buy solar flashlights and solar lanterns. An additional solar device to have on hand when on the trail is Solar Chargers. These solar devices are extremely useful as emergency equipment too. Solar chargers use a solar panel to charge a reserve battery that in turn is used to charge a variety of mobile devices including cell phones and GPS units. The lightweight panel, in its protective case, can be attached to the exterior of a backpack so charging is ongoing while hiking down the trail.

A hike in the backcountry is best boosted by a natural energy source. In remote locations, a reliable backup energy supply can be a lifesaver. The beauty of rechargeable flashlights and lanterns is their trustworthiness. Separately, rechargeable lighting eliminates the ongoing expense of purchasing alkaline batteries and having to address their disposal after use. Have fun and remember to leave only footprints!

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