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Solar Flashlights and Solar Lanterns

Solar Flashlights and Solar Lanterns

Solar flashlights and lanterns are a class of rechargeable portable lighting systems that utilizes renewable energy to power the light. Other renewable energy flashlights include shake flashlights, crank flashlights and rechargeable battery powered flashlights. Our solar flashlights and lanterns, with the exception of the Keychain Solar Flashlight, are all manufactured in the USA. Each solar flashlight utilizes a rechargeable NiMH battery and ranges in design from single purpose Adventure and Fusion flashlights to multi-purpose Ultimate Series flashlights, which allows swapping out with the base charger a variety of LED lighting heads including floodlight, spotlight and a directional lantern. Complementing our portable lighting products is the Solar Dome Light. The Dome Light is a standalone lighting system that supports off the electrical grid lighting.

Solar lights, flashlights and lanterns, provide illumination without the need to continuously replace batteries. Flashlights and lanterns are suitable for a variety of environments, including camping or backpacking and locations where reliable electrical service does not exist or is expensive to install.

Solar Lights – USA Manufactured

Solar flashlights and lanterns provide peace of mind knowing reliable lighting is available without the concern that non-rechargeable batteries have expired. Our entry level solar flashlights include the Adventure Light which includes a compass and the Fusion Solar Flashlight. The advantage the Fusion Flashlight has over the Adventure Light is the ability to replace the NiMH battery. Both flashlights are compact in design, machined from recycled aluminum and constructed to provide years of use. Measuring only 5 inches in length and weighing less than 4 ounces both flashlights can illuminate objects up to 40 away.

Ultimate Solar Flashlight Line

The Ultimate Solar Flashlight series supports multiple illumination configurations connected to the base unit, which is equipped with two 2200mAh NiMH batteries, to power a variety of interchangeable attachments that include a floodlight, one watt and three watt spotlights and flex tube light with 15 inch and 24 inch extensions. The flex tube light unique design allows the braided aluminum coil to wrap around a pole or other object directing the LED cluster head in a position that illuminates a 10’x10’ area or used as a hands free directional light that can light hard to reach areas. Ultimate base charger and attachments are made from recycled aluminum and designed to provide years of reliable service.

Solar Light – Solar Pod Dome Light

The Solar Pod Dome Light is powered by four NiMH batteries that are recharged by a solar panel which measures over 11 square inches. Light is produced from four high brightness LEDs that can be activated automatically or manually. Capable of withstanding significant abuse the Dome Light is injection molded from ABS plastic and designed for permanent installation in roofs or used to enhancing your landscape design by illuminating areas around the home and pool. The Solar Pod is the ideal off the grid dome light and is perfect for international support and relief efforts.

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