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What Batteries do Solar Flashlights Use?

Many flashlight users now include solar powered lights in their flashlight collection. This is an eco-friendly choice made by many to avoid the pitfalls of environmental pollution when the batteries are tossed in the trash. Others purchase solar flashlights because of the convenience of battery recharge without having to plug into a power outlet.

When you buy solar powered LED torches be sure to identify the type of batteries the flashlight uses in order to understand proper storage and other issues that surround battery types.  

Take a look at the batteries used to power the device before you buy solar powered flashlights online. Generally, there are three types of batteries available that recharge by solar power. These batteries are NiCd or Nickel-Cadmium; NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride or Li-Ion or Lithium Ion. Generally speaking, with moderate use, each type of battery typically lasts a couple years. It’s advisable to keep an electric charge on the batteries to keep your flashlight running in optimum condition.

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NiCad batteries have become less frequent in use and have generally been replaced with either NiMH or Li-Ion. NiMH cells do not develop the battery memory issue typically found in NiCads. Li-Ion has greater power storage and recharge capabilities. Solar flashlights and lanterns available at only use NiMH and Li-ion batteries.  

Regardless of battery choice never mix two different battery types of batteries and never add a new battery with an old battery. Rechargeable flashlights are designed to use a specific battery type. Choosing the wrong battery may damage the device or cause a fire hazard.   

No matter what type of battery you use for your solar powered flashlight with normal use they will provide hours of unfailing illumination. With full solar exposure a rechargeable battery will generally charge in 6 to 8 hours and provide three to four hours of light depending on light output selection i.e. low power or high power. Light intensity tapers off with time.

Buying solar powered LED torches is a lifestyle choice for many, especially if you are concerned about the ecology. Solar powered flashlights and solar powered lanterns are especially popular with campers and backpackers. sells a luminescent wall holster, Light Finder Glow-N-Dark Wall Mount, specifically designed to hold a solar flashlight. When not in use the flashlight stored in the holster is constantly charging when exposed to normal daylight.

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