Solar flashlight 915 - Made in USA

Solar Flashlight 915

Solar Flashlight 915 includes Base Charger, 15″ LED Flex Tube and 7 LED Floodlight

When general lighting is what you need then the LED Flex Tube and floodlight combination fits the bill. Need hands free illumination or a light that can peak around the corner then the LED Flex Tube is the answer. This versatile attachment can wrap around an object allowing for fixed hands free illumination. Looking for a broad beam flashlight then the 7 LED floodlight is perfect. Best of all the Ultimate Series flashlights are Made in the USA.

Solar Flashlight 915 Base Unit

Solar Flashlight 915 Base Charger is the rechargeable electrical storage system that powers a variety of attachments including the floodlight, 1 watt and 3 watt spotlights, and 15” and 24” flex tube light. Solar flashlight 915 base charger solar panel provides years of battery charging and the water resistant design can withstand rain and snow. Constructed from corrosion resistant recycled aluminum the housing is fitted with a waterproof push button switch. Solar Flashlight 915 Base charger is equipped with two 1.2 volt, 2400 mA NiMH rechargeable batteries rated for 1000 recharge cycles and delivering adequate power to operate the accessories for hours. Backed by a 1 year limited warranty, the base charger operates worry free for years.

Solar Flashlight 915 15” LED Flex Tube

The Solar Flashlight 915 LED Flex Tube is a versatile extension with a 10 LED cluster head piece that can be positioned to illuminate hard to reach areas or attached to a pole or draped over an object to allow for fixed hands free light use. Capable of illuminating a 10’x10’ room the 40 lumen light output is ideal for camping, providing light during a power outage or delivering permanent illumination for living quarters that are off the grid. When the base charger battery is fully charged the LED flex tube light can operate for 7 hours. To add to its versatility the LED Flex Tube is equipped with a red and green filter.

Solar Flashlight 915 Flood Light

The Solar Flashlight 915 LED Floodlight is a cluster of 7 LEDs that canvases an area with bright white light. The homogeneous beam operates for approximately 8 hours, when the base charger batteries are completely charged, and illuminates an area up to 40 feet away dispersing light with a beam angle of 60 degrees. The Solar Flashlight 915 LED Floodlight aluminum housing provides solid protection against impacts. The flashlight is well suited for everyday use, camping, emergency preparedness, and as a contractor work light.