NightStar jP Rechargeable Flashlight – Shake Flashlight

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NightStar jP Rechargeable Flashlight

NightStar jP Rechargeable Flashlight – Shake Flashlight

NightStar jP Rechargeable Flashlight is the best rechargeable flashlight that provides unfailing illumination for years with zero maintenance. NightStar jP rechargeable flashlight unique design uses a 1.5 farad capacitor for electrical storage, which eliminates dependence on batteries, and a magnetic force charging system that uses a rare earth magnet to generate electricity by driving the magnet through the copper coil. NightStar jP rechargeable flashlight is one of the waterproof flashlights offered by EcoCentricNow LLC that works in environments ranging from desert heat to polar cold. Manufactured for extreme environments the rechargeable flashlight design can also be counted on for everyday lighting. The NightStar jP rechargeable flashlight brand is globally recognized as the best shake flashlight ever manufactured as independently verified in numerous rechargeable flashlight reviews.

NightStar jP Shake Flashlight Features.

NightStar’s housing is injection molded from polycarbonate plastic, the same plastic material used in bulletproof glass. Polycarbonate is selected because of its ability to withstand repeated impacts, resistance to extreme temperatures and lightweight features. NightStar jP rechargeable flashlight can withstand underwater submersion to depths exceeding 200 feet yet the flashlight floats in an upright position. This is possible because of the watertight seal of the optically enhanced lens and the use of a Reed switch that operates by using a magnet contained in the luminescent slider, which when passed over the switch opens and closes the contact. Using a Reed switch instead of  a standard push button toggle switch allows for a contiguous housing with no penetrations. When a rechargeable flashlight is needed to get you through the most extreme circumstances without concern for reliability or ruggedness then NightStar jP rechargeable flashlight is the answer.

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