NightStar Green LED Rechargeable Flashlight – Shake

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NightStar Green LED Rechargeable Flashlight


NightStar Green LED Rechargeable Flashlight

NightStar Green LED rechargeable flashlight is the ideal rechargeable LED flashlight that uses a capacitor to store electricity instead of a battery. NightStar rechargeable flashlight green LED is ideal for preserving night vision and seeing objects in high contrast. Human eyesight has peak sensitivity to green light, which is the middle of visible light spectrum of 555 nanometers. Unlike white light (full spectrum) green LED light is particularly good at penetrating water, fog and smoke as well as reflecting off critters that may be poisonous including spiders and millipedes. Certain fish species are attracted to green light which makes the NightStar Green LED rechargeable flashlight ideal for fishing.

NightStar Green LED rechargeable flashlight consists of a nearly indestructible, within reason, polycarbonate housing and uses a magnetic force charging system to charge the 1.5 farad capacitor. The NightStar flashlight design has been the subject of numerous rechargeable flashlight reviews and consistently is rated as the best rechargeable flashlight for the shake flashlight category.  Manufactured to operate for decades, NightStar rechargeable flashlight rugged, shockproof, chemical resistant, waterproof and zero maintenance design provides unfailing maintenance free illumination. Capable of operation in extreme temperatures and environments the NightStar Green LED rechargeable flashlight is a life saver and is ideal for the home, vehicle and boat emergency kit not to mention the bug out bag. Capable of underwater submersion to depths exceeding 200 feet, the rechargeable flashlight floats in its upright position, NightStar Green LED rechargeable LED flashlight is well suited for marine environments because of is resistance to corrosion resulting from salt water conditions. An added feature of NightStar Green LED rechargeable flashlight is its ability to operate as a compass with the front of the flashlight pointing north. Simply suspend the front and backend of the flashlight from a string in a horizontal position.

The NightStar brand is globally recognized as Best Flashlights for shake flashlight technology.

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