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Shake Flashlights

NightStar Shake Flashlights – The World’s Most Reliable Flashlights

NightStar Shake Flashlights pierce the darkness even after years of abuse and neglect. NightStar Shake Flashlights use a 1.5 farad gold film capacitor instead of a battery, which holds an electrical charge for months. Polycarbonate housing, the same material used in bulletproof glass, is virtually indestructible. The acrylic lens design and conical reflector are optimized to maximize the light output of the LED taking advantage of light collimation. NightStar withstands extreme environments including desert heat and polar cold and long term submersion in salt or fresh water, while floating in an upright position. The flashlight can also endure underwater submersion to depths of several hundred feet. A magnetic Reed switch controls LED activation, which is superior in operation to a push button switch and offers the advantage of no housing penetration, ideal for waterproof construction. The rare earth charging magnet and mag-lev recoil magnets will maintain their magnetic field strength for decades. In addition, NightStar Shake Flashlights are extensively tested by independent laboratories. Superior performance and attention to manufacturing quality control separates NightStar Shake Flashlights from all other shake flashlights. When light is ESSENTIAL, NightStar is the answer

Shake Flashlight History

NightStar Shake Flashlight is the first commercially available shake flashlight, debuting in 1997. Invented by Steve Vetorino and James Platt, NightStar was originally manufactured in the Fort Lupton, Colorado garage of Mr. Vetorino as the flagship product of Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc. (AIT was acquired by EcoCentricNow LLC in 2011). Thinking outside the box the NightStar shake flashlight design incorporated relatively new technologies; specifically, a highly efficient 1.5 farad mini-capacitor, a copper coil design optimized to harness the magnetic field of a powerful rare earth magnet and a white light LED. The talents of Mr. Vetorino and Mr. Platt as an optical physicist and electrical engineer respectively led to the development and manufacturing of a flashlight that eliminated dependence upon batteries and a fragile incandescent bulb, which were standard at the time for most flashlights and resulted in an innovative portable lighting system that performs maintenance free for decades and arguably are the most efficient and reliable shake flashlights manufactured to date.