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The Role of LED Lighting in Outdoor Recreation

We all love our time outdoors. Outdoor recreational activities provide a welcome break from the monotony of everyday life and a chance to recharge. Unfortunately, our busy daytime work schedules have us hold up in office cubicles or other indoor trappings preventing the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. By the time we get away from work and take care of other obligations, nightfall is upon us. So, how do we make time for outdoor fun?

LED lighting has resolved this problem for many. Outdoor activities once limited to daytime hours are now night time affairs as well! Local recreational parks and outdoor sporting venues are lighting up their playing fields like never before. New LED lighting produces light emissions that are close to what we experience in the middle of the day. As sports enthusiasts enjoy time on the baseball, football, or soccer field and let’s not forget the tennis court the visual experience is similar to playing in the middle of the afternoon but without the daytime heat.

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A good option for those looking to illuminate outdoor recreational venues is to purchase property LED lighting from Exterior lighting options, including floodlights, are extensive and provide the added benefit of using significantly less energy compared to Metal Halide or Sodium lights and last significantly longer with less maintenance. Environmental benefits extend beyond power conservation and also address reduced greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. It’s a sensible investment: especially, now with recognition of our warming planet.

Out-door LED lighting used to illuminate sports fields is also used to illuminate a variety of other locations including parking areas, streets and property grounds. The benefits include improved security and safety for sports participants and family and friends supporting the players as spectators.

With all this talk about lighting sports venues and parking lots we would be remiss in bring to our readers attention an alternative benefit to LED property lighting. LED lighting technology supports focused lighting so locations we want brightly lit are in full view but we can also control light pollution from randomly scattering across the horizon. Natural light from the moon and stars is a visual beauty we all appreciate and with new LED lighting technology it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

The evolution of LED lighting is changing how we can extend our recreational time to nighttime hours and in the process live a healthier lifestyle. Now get out and play!