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The Role of LED Flashlights in Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters happen and there is nothing an individual can do to prevent their occurrence. What a person can do is accept these natural events will happen and take steps to ensure their impact on you and your family’s safety is managed as well as possible.

Preparation involves strategically assembling provisions and having them readily available. Natural disasters, which include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, fires, ice storms and floods can develop with amazing speed and create devastation that stretches the imagination. To survive nature’s fury it’s critical to establish procedures that detail what family members will do, periodically review the procedures and regularly check and replenish supplies to make sure your emergency kit or bugout bag is well stocked and ready to go.

Every kit includes basic supplies and should always have multiple flashlights.

Lighting not only provides illumination but also provides a psychological anchor against the unknown. Humans have evolved to be phototropic creatures and we have a tendency to panic when surrounded by darkness. Lighting provides confidence and a sense of security.

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In emergency situations, power outages are typically the first event to occur. During floods, it’s often necessary to turn off household power to avoid catastrophic short circuits that can ironically cause structural fires or create a condition where electrocution is possible.

LED-flashlights are designed to provide light that at minimum helps a person endure a bad situation and in some cases survive an emergency. Not all flashlights are the same. Some flashlights are designed to withstand harsh conditions and avoid the pitfalls of chemical batteries. Available from are rechargeable flashlights specifically designed for survival kits. The Vortex crank flashlight is a self-contained light source that recharges using a dynamo generator. Vortex is a waterproof flashlight capable of submersion but also floats. Vortex crank flashlight provides a spotlight beam, a broad beam floodlight and emergency flashing beacon that is visible for miles. Vortex is also capable of charging cell phones which may be a person’s only link to contacting emergency services and telling rescuers where they are located.

Another outstanding emergency flashlight is the NightStar Shake Flashlight. This Best in Class shake flashlight is a self-contained linear generator that charges a capacitor instead of a battery. NightStar flashlights are designed to operate in the most severe conditions found on the planet and can withstand significant physical abuse. NightStar flashlights are designed to be submersed to depths of several hundred feet yet float in an upright position. No emergency flashlight is more reliable than a NightStar shake flashlight. NightStar is also capable of operating as an emergency beacon. Simply shake the flashlight with the luminescent switch in the on position and the flashlight provides a bright stroboscopic burst of light each time the light is shaken.

Both Vortex Crank Flashlight and NightStar Shake Flashlight are indispensable during emergencies. The internal charging systems eliminate dependence on replacement batteries. Another advantage of these rechargeable flashlights is they are maintenance free.

Emergency situations demand a well thought out plan and provisions that will last a minimum of three days; however, planning for longer periods of self-reliance is a good idea. Natural disasters cannot be stopped but their impact on the safety of you, your family and friends can be mitigated when preparedness steps are taken. Be safe and remember to HaveLight.

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