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Role of Flashlights in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers must be prepared for any eventuality. When responding to a call, or simply on patrol, they sometimes encounter odd or dangerous circumstances. Carrying equipment that minimizes officer risk and civilian safety is critical in the performance of police operations. A quality flashlight that withstands the rigors of law enforcement work is essential.

Flashlights have been a basic tool of law enforcement for decades. With an ever-increasing risk to personal safety, flashlights these days must do more including significantly greater light output. In addition, modern flashlights must provide personal protection in respect to light beam operation and in some cases as a defensive weapon.

Tactical flashlights are a class of flashlight that go beyond what most people need in a normal flashlight. By definition a tactical flashlight is a light that attaches to the barrel of a gun. Used by police and military personnel a tactical flashlight supports hands-free operation of the weapon while targeting and illuminating the person or animal under surveillance. In some cases, tactical flashlights operate free from weapon attachment and are helmet mounted or hand carried. Tactical flashlights produce high intensity light illuminating objects at significant distances, which can also temporarily blind a person who is directly exposed to the light beam. Many tactical flashlights also provide a stroboscopic beam that causes assailant confusion or can be used as a signaling device.  

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Quality flashlights, which include tactical flashlights, as well as commercial grade flashlights, are manufactured using aircraft aluminum or robust polymer housings. Both housing materials withstand significant abuse and ensure performance regardless of where or how the flashlight is used. Together housing materials provide sound water resistance and in some cases waterproof protection of internal electronics.

In addition, new generation flashlights use a variety of battery sizes ranging from D cells to small AAA. Rechargeable batteries using a lithium-ion cell are now common and allow for constant charging of the flashlight keeping it available for maximum light output. Charges are designed to use a vehicles DC power or AC power wall outlet. Increasingly the use of a USB connector is available as a charging port option.

All of these aspects of a tactical flashlight add up to a single point; law enforcement officers require a flashlight that withstands a variety of environmental conditions and illumination purposes. High-intensity illumination supports the safety of officers and citizens alike. HaveLight provides a wide selection of high output flashlights and headlamps available for purchase from its secure online store.

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