Rechargeable Flashlights – What Works for You?

Rechargeable Flashlights – What Type is Best for You?

Rechargeable flashlights include battery and capacitor powered. Battery powered rechargeable flashlights; typically Lithium Ion (Li-ion), charge using power from a wall outlet or car battery. Li-ion flashlights come in two configurations; batteries are removable or are permanently installed with a built-in charger. Permanent battery flashlights are typically optimized using smart chargers to prevent battery overcharge.

Rechargeable Flashlights – Quality Manufactures

A handful of high quality manufactures of rechargeable flashlights support the market. Bayco Products offers a full range of flashlights for every need. Designs include: standard size, tactical, intrinsically safe, and headlamps. EcoCentricNow LLC is a proud wholesale distributor of Bayco flashlights in addition to carrying the NightStar line of capacitor flashlights.

Rechargeable Flashlights – Capacitor Powered and NiMH batteries

EcoCentricNow LLC is the only company, including its licensees that manufacture capacitor powered flashlights. Flashlight brands include NightStar jP, NightStar Green LED, and LightStorm SL1 capacitor lantern. The introduction of LED technology in the 1990’s combined with advancements in capacitor technology supported a paradigm shift in flashlight technology. Capacitor high energy storage in a miniature cell capable of recharging using rare earth magnets makes possible the shake flashlight design. The capacitor power system offers recharge cycles significantly greater than battery powered devices. Eliminating the need for external charging from a power outlet, capacitor powered rechargeable flashlights are a unique class of flashlights.

Battery vs. Capacitor Tradeoff

Capacitor powered flashlights require frequent recharging, shaking or cranking, and light output, although sufficient, is by no means blindingly bright. With zero maintenance, capacitor flashlights are ideal for emergency preparedness, backpacking and vehicle safety. Depending on the length of time the flashlight is stored it may be necessary to recharge the flashlight before using.

Rechargeable Flashlights – ShakeLight 40 (SL1)

Another class of rechargeable flashlights is ShakeLight 40 or SL40 Flashlight. This mini flashlight, measures 7 inches in length and weighs 112 grams, uses a NiMH battery capable of several hundred recharge cycles. The beauty of SL40 is the flashlight is well constructed, compact in size, inexpensive and provides well over an hour of light before recharging. SL40 is a hit with educators for the light is an excellent tool to demonstrate a variety of physics concept as elegantly presented in the NightStar Physics Guide.