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Why You Should Buy A Solar Charger?

Adventure lovers take a lot of delight in picking up a backpack and hiking up rigorous pathways. It all feels beautiful and relaxing as long as the sun is shining brightly on your trek, both literally and metaphorically! Once the sunlight tapers off, you are more or less on your own devices because trekking or hiking involves spending nights in remote locations, usually in a tent or even outdoors. You need a light source to take care of essential work, like answering nature’s calls or cooking some frugal meal.

The flashlights with traditional non-rechargeable batteries can work up to a certain extent, as long as their battery charge stays put. Once drained, these batteries cannot kick back to life as there is no power source to fire them up. If you are in an adventure trip or hiking trip, you are in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no way you can arrange for electricity! Solar batteries are best but even they will not last the entire duration of a hiking trip which can be of 5 or more days. You need to buy solar chargers online and put them in your backpack.

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The brightest side of buying a solar charger is that you can charge your batteries while you hike. Solar chargers, as obvious, pull solar energy from sunlight. You can leave the charger exposed to sunlight when you are walking during the day. It will gather the solar power and feed it to your batteries. At night, you can use this power to fire up your flashlights. Hikers always make it a point to carry solar chargers for this reason.

Solar chargers come in various sizes. There are some that can pack in more power than the others. You need to carefully evaluate what kind of battery backup you need. Cut down on the frills like using solar power at night to read a book. For more power backup, you will need stronger and therefore heavier solar chargers. That will weigh down your backpack, making it difficult for hikers. Instead, carry lightweight solar chargers that can fulfill your basic needs for light.

Take note of the fact that solar charges can be charged only on exposure to direct sunlight. If you are hiking mountains or open terrain, these chargers work fine. However, if your trek is through a thick jungle, where sunlight may not reach your solar charger, you may need a different plan.

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