Vision Ultra-HD Rechargeable Headlamp, Smart Dimming, 7-light Modes, IPX4 Rated, Qty 4

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Vision Ultra-HD Rechargeable Headlamp, Industrial Construction, Smart Dimming Technology

Vision Ultra-HD Headlamp is a multi-functional light incorporating a USB rechargeable, permanently fix, lithium-ion battery. Seven illumination functions deliver a range of capabilities well suited for professionals and consumer use. Equipped with Energizer® VisionGuard technology Ultra-HD gradually controls illumination output preventing oversaturation of light and minimizing user visual impairment. White, Green and Red LED optics support a full range of light uses. Projection selection includes high or low beam in either spotlight or floodlight setting. Electronics are housed in a one-meter impact resistant plastic body, IPX4 rated and equipped with a shatterproof lens. Ultra-HD comes with a non-slip head strap to secure use during work or recreational activities.

Energizer Vision Ultra HD Rechargeable Industrial Headlamp

Manufacturer: Energizer®
UPC: 00039111610
Light Output: 400lm / 20lm
Run Time: 4-hours / 15-hours
Beam Throw Distance: 80-meters / 25-meters
Impact Resistance: 1-meter
Rating: IPX4 Water Resistant
Operational Modes: 7 – High, Low, Wide, Wide Low, Red, Flashing Red, Green
Battery: Lithium-ion non-removable battery. Recharges in 4-hours. USB cable included.
Housing: Impact Resistant ABS Plastic
Switch: Top Push Button
Flashlight Dimensions: 5.75 x 7.5 x 1.55 inches
Unit Weight: 124 grams (0.273 lbs.)
Packaging: Carded
Case Quantity: Four (4) pieces
Case Dimensions: 6.0 x 9.13 x 3.87 inches
Case Weight: 1.23 lbs.


The Energizer® line of flashlights, headlamps and lanterns provide bright unfailing illumination to contractors, service personnel and the general consumer. Energizer’s full complement of versatile lighting merchandise, incorporating innovative lighting technology, delivers reliable illumination for any indoor or outdoor activity. Lights are manufactured to withstand harsh environments and rugged use. Specialty lights include flashlights and headlamps designed to safely operate in conditions defined as hazardous environments and are industry certified with an “intrinsically safe” rating. In addition, select lights incorporate green and/or red LEDs to aid in nighttime vision without loss of visual acuity and are often preferred by fishermen, hunters, and outdoor enthusiast in general.

Professionals depend on Energizer® handheld lighting to get the job done efficiently and safely. Consumers rely on handheld illumination for everyday use and especially during power outages or other emergencies. HaveLight is a volume distributor of Energizer lighting merchandise and batteries. Contact us for a price quotation that includes Free shipping on qualified orders.


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