NightStar Shake Flashlight, Green LED, Penetrates Water-Fog-Smoke, No Battery, Zero Maintenance, 5yr Warranty – ON SALE!!!


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NightStar Shake Flashlight, Capacitor, 5-year Warranty, Waterproof, Floats

NightStar Shake Flashlight. Since 1997 the NightStar brand, which includes the NightStar Green LED Shake Flashlight and NightStar jP, are recognized as the world’s best rechargeable shake lights. No batteries needed for this hand powered flashlight, which generates electricity by passing a rare earth magnet through the copper wire coil and storing the energy in a gold film capacitor.

Green light provides high contrast illumination and is effective at cutting through smoke, fog and penetrating water. The completely sealed polycarbonate plastic housing protects the internal components from dust, water and chemicals plus it allows NightStar to float in a position where the lens is upright. Locating the flashlight in the dark is enhanced by the Glow-N-Dark switch. Furthermore, NightStar Shake Flashlight is shockproof from a drop height of 4 feet and withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures.

When shaking NightStar with the switch in the on position, the flashlight operates as a signaling device. Backed by a 5 year warranty NightStar shake flashlight delivers years of unfailing illumination. When Light is Essential… Choose NightStar!

NightStar Flashlight with Green LED Specifications:

Part Number: ECN00042
Beam Range = 50 feet (15m)
Beam Diameter = 12 feet (3.6m)
Light Output = 15lm (laser collimation)
Charge Time = 30 seconds
Light Duration = 15 minutes
Waterproof Depth = 200 feet (61m)
Corrosion Proof = motor oil, diesel fuel, salt water & mild acids
Storage Temperature = -40F (-40c) to +140F (+70c)
Dimensions = Length 10 inches (25cm) Diameter 1.5 inches (3.8cm)
Weight = 11oz (308 grams)
Warranty = 5 years
Compass = naturally orients to north when suspended horizontally

NightStar shake flashlight with green LED preserves night vision and is excellent for outdoor adventures; especially, fishing where certain species of fish are attracted to green light. Green led light is very good at penetrating fog, smoke and water as well as spotting certain insects that may prove harmful to humans and pets. Panasonic gold film capacitor provides years of unfailing energy storage. Powered by a rare earth magnet, the linear generator produces its own electricity.

Learn more about NightStar Flashlight features and benefits.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 3 in