LED Solar Lantern | Solar, 12vDC, 120vAC Charging | 4AA Backup Power | Charges Moblie Devices | ABS Housing | Water Resistant

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MOQ 10 Pieces
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LED Solar Lantern

LED Solar lantern is perfect for camping, power outages or a patio light to illuminate the table during an evening outing.  Equipped with 12 high brightness LEDs, Solar Lantern operates in either full or medium light output modes.  At high illumination setting the lantern will light an area of approximately 100 square feet. Supporting general illumination LED Solar Lantern is equipped with a sturdy handle to hang the light from a branch or light pole.

LED Solar Lantern has three methods of charging that include: solar, 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC.  The .4 watt solar module, measuring approximately 7.85 square inches is capable of charging the lanterns 600mA lithium ion battery in 10 hours.  Charging via a 12 volt vehicle battery requires 2.5 hours of charge time and rapid charging by plugging into a 120 volt outlet takes 1 hour.  Separate from the Li-ion charging system, the lantern can also be powered using four AA alkaline batteries.  A yellow indicator light illuminates when powering the lantern by Li-ion battery. A green indicator light illuminates when power is the AA batteries.

Constructed of impact resistant ABS plastic LED Solar Lantern is lightweight yet robust against impacts and water resistant. Lantern includes USB cable and adaptors for 12v (DC) and 120 (AC) charging. LED Solar Lantern operates as a backup charger for cell phones and low voltage electrical devices.

LED Solar Lantern Specifications:

Battery: 600mA rechargeable Lithium battery and 4 AA Alkaline batteries
Charging Times: Solar (direct exposure) (10 hours), 5vDC (2.5 hours) and 120 vAC (1 hour)
Charging Ports: USB (micro and standard)
USB Chargers: Included 12V and 120V

Light Switch Functions: Half Bright | Full Bright
Light Output: 3 watt LED |120 lumens
Light output duration: Low Beam (2 hour)| High Beam (1 hour)
Beam Distance: Low Beam (60 square feet| High Beam (100 square feet)

Solar panel output: 0.4 watts
Solar Panel Dimensions: Diameter 2.5 inches (7.85 square inches)

Housing: ABS Plastic
Waterproof Depth: N/A  (Water Resistant)
Flashlight Dimensions: Diameter: 4″, Height 7.25″ with handle 10″
Warranty: 1 year

Additional Features: Charges Smart Phones and other devices