LED Emergency Flares

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  • LED Emergency Flares

LED Emergency Flares with Charging Case | Vehicle & Boat Safety | 9 Light Patterns | Charges 6 Flares Simultaneously

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LED Emergency Flares with Charging Case

LED Emergency Flares eliminate the need for and significantly outperform chemical flares. LED Electronic Flare can be used as a ground based flare, elevated signaling device, and as an emergency signaling beacon.

Transportation incidents and workers struck by vehicles or mobile equipment account for the highest number of fatal work injuries. Learn more about Work Zone Traffic Safety from OSHA Fact Sheet and important steps to keep workers safe.

LED Emergency Flares Operational Performance:

  • Rotational Beacon = 9 hours
  • Quad Rash = 9 hours
  • Single Blink = 60 hours
  • Alternating Blinking = 9 hours
  • SOS Rescue (Morse code) = 14 hours
  • Steady On High Light Output = 5 hours
  • Steady On Low Light Output = 35 hours
  • 2 LED Flashlight = 9 hours
  • 4 LED Flashlight = 6 hours

The stand-by charging feature allows LED Emergency Flares to remain plugged in when turned off without damage to the battery or light and keeps the LED electronic flare fully charged and ready for immediate use. LED flare maintains a full battery charge for 90 days when removed from the charger.

LED Emergency Flares Use and Benefits:

  1. Advantages:
  2. Helicopter Landings – use Red LED beacon in triangular configuration to define landing zone. Yellow LED beacon can identify wind direction.
  3. Rescue Signal – operates as an emergency beacon.
  4. LED Flare replaces standard incendiary flares. Alert drivers to potential roadside danger, identifies detours, and signal for help.
  5. Safer and ecologically better for our environment than flame producing emergency road flares. No spark, open flame, fumes or toxic chemicals are produced.
  6. Shock resistant construction can withstand the impact of roadside traffic.
  7. Waterproof to a depth of 33 feet. Floats. Safe to use in marine and wet environments.
  8. Magnetic Attachment – magnet located on back of beacon attaches to metal surface such as vehicle trunk or lift gate for added visibility.
  9. Lay flat on the ground and operate as a flare.

Charging Specifications

  1. 120v AC/DC Charger: Input: 1 00-240v Ac, 50-60 Hz
  2. (CE & C/UL Listed) Output: 5.0VDC, 1200mA
  3. 12v DC Charger: Input: 12-24V DC
  4. (CE) Output: 5.0V, 850 mAh

LED Emergency Flares Features and Benefits:

The benefits of the LED flare vastly exceeds chemical flares by providing years of maintenance free service without the concerns associated with an open flame source that can ignite flammable liquids or gases. Another advantage of LED electronic flares is the elimination of perchlorate pollution to our waterways. LED flares have nine (9) unique light settings improving visibility and safety of fire department personnel, police, construction workers, safety personnel and citizens who benefit from an emergency signaling device for the car, truck, boat, and safety kit. LED flares are perfect for improved visibility at accident scenes, construction zones, vehicle breakdowns, traffic control, assistance in helicopter landings and any location where visibility is essential.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 14 x 4 in


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