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Lighting technology evolution to solid state lighting or LEDs is now the standard for handheld as well as property lighting.

Available from our online store are a variety of lighting products including rechargeable flashlights comprising of solar powered flashlights, shake flashlights, crank flashlights, LED emergency lights, tactical flashlights, commercial grade flashlights plus LED lanterns and LED headlamps. You can also buy LED lights for interior and exterior installation for your home and business.

LED lighting offers a variety of benefits regardless of the fixture in which they are installed. Paybacks include:

•  Reduction in energy consumption be it a battery power source or the electrical grid
•  Improved light output levels, which range from low level to blindingly bright as found in LED tactical flashlights
•  Longevity of use, where LED ratings of 50,000 hours and longer are common
•  Dependability, lacking a filament the ability of LED lights to withstand shock is significant, and
•  Variety of colors i.e. white, red, green and yellow, which support multiple uses from general illumination to specialty applications for improved night vision, safety lighting and architectural applications such as accenting buildings, bridges, and natural features.

HaveLight LED flashlight store offers the NightStar flashlight line of No Battery rechargeable flashlights. NightStar is recognized globally as the “Best Shake Flashlight” manufactured. Using capacitor energy storage instead of batteries NightStar is designed to provide decades of maintenance free illumination. Also available at our LED flashlight store to complement our flashlight lines are a variety of accessories including the Solar Pod solar lantern, LED batons, LED road flares and backpack solar panels that are capable of charging a wide assortment of low voltage devices including cell phones.

LED building lighting, available in case quantity and one off sale, is offered for consumer purchase. HaveLight provides an extensive assortment of interior and exterior luminaires including LED COBB lights, LED Downlights, LED High Bay Lights, LED Panel Lights, LED Shop Lights, LED Strip Lights, LED Tube Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Parking Lights and LED Wall Pack Lights. Our manufacturer relationships, which include proprietary and third party merchandise, allow to pass along great savings to our customers.

Whatever your lighting needs, handheld or property, HaveLight only sells luminaires manufactured with the highest quality standards that are designed to provide years of worry free illumination.

LED Tube Light - 2F10WT8

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SL40 Magnetic Flashlight

SL40 Magnetic Flashlight Purchased by NEED and SchoolKidz

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