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How Possible is Off Grid Living?

Human dependence upon electricity is central to our way of life. For many, simply turning off their cell phone for an hour creates feelings of isolation. Shut off the air conditioner before going to bed and awake unrested and feeling like you slept in a swimming pool.

Most of us are dependent on computers or mobile devices to an extent that when these tools are not available we come to a standstill. With energy demand increases and power interruptions occurring more often, it’s beneficial and at times essential to have a backup system which can charge and power devices that use solar energy or a crank generator.

People all over the planet are partially or completely choosing to pursue a lifestyle of off grid living. Technologies continue to evolve that support this lifestyle including development in solar panel power generation and batteries that store electricity instead of returning it to the electrical grid.

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Large scale off grid living technologies have their roots in simpler devices. Remember small solar panel calculators that appeared in the 1980’s? When you buy solar powered flashlights online from you’re purchasing solar flashlights and solar lanterns that exist because of advancements in that basic solar technology. In fact, solar powered flashlights today such as the Ultimate Series Solar Flashlights are devices that not only generate light but also operate as a solar charging station for a variety of low voltage devices including cell phones.

For most, off grid living is partially realistic. Power demands and the need to stay connected to other devices through the electrical grid and communication networks are essential to one’s employment and daily lifestyle. Set aside lifestyle, the technologies that support off grid living, including solar power and wind power, are providing many other benefits; particularly, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Alternative energy technologies are here to stay. Their importance in transitioning the world from a carbon fuel based society to non-polluting green energy planet is well underway and will continue to improve. The prevalence of solar design products will advance as solar panels and batteries evolve with increasing levels of efficiency.