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Why MRI Units Have LED Lights?

Hospitals have always required the best quality of lights for obvious reasons. Doctors and medical professionals need lights to go about their job. Moreover, there has to be some basic level of illumination in a hospital round the clock, in every room where patients may be present. Keeping these rooms well lit all the time takes a huge toll on the electricity bills and hospital spending. With more medical facilities required in hospitals, it will be a huge help if the power consumption could be brought within control so that funds may be better utilized by the authorities.

MRI units in hospitals are quite busy through the day. Doctors prescribe MRI tests for various injuries because it is probably the most definitive test to nail the cause of pain, whichever part of the body it may be. MRI units require decent and wholesome lights to make it possible for everyone to do their job accurately. LED lights like LED tubes or bulbs are the best choice in an MRI unit for various reasons, its excellent lighting prowess being just one of them.

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LED lights go easy on the electricity bill. They will not burden the MRI unit with extra expenditure, something that can be used to offer better facilities in the unit. What’s more important, LED lights are non-ferrous and do not affect the magnetic fields used by MRI machines. Incandescent bulbs are non-ferrous to start with, but due to impurities present in the room and the magnetic fields generated by MRI machines, they are unable to retain their original properties and die soon enough. Most of them do not last beyond a mere 700 hours in an MRI facility.

What is riskier, this may adversely affect the performance of the MRI device. On the other hand, LED lights are not affected by magnetic fields present in the room. The performance of a LED light is not hindered by these magnetic fields. Instead, they continue to provide excellent lights for more months and in the span of a year or two, they break even in terms of expenditure incurred in installing these LED lights in the MRI room.

Combining the factors of better performance, savings and non-interference with the MRI machines, LED lights to offer a very good bargain!  

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