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Decorate Your House and Office with LED Lighting

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LED Accent Lighting

LED tape lighting, also known as flexible LED strips, is an outstanding low voltage illumination product available for accenting room design, creating a soft mood for elegant dinners, highlighting stairways, which results in improved home and office safety or providing general lighting when full blow room illumination is not necessary such as when a family member gets a drink of water from the kitchen faucet late at night.

LED lighting features are numerous and include a variety of LED color selections, multiple light output intensities ranging from 2700 to 4500 degrees Kelvin, dimmable light output, and ability to be sized to a variety of lengths allowing for true customization.

LED tape lighting installation is simple and easy. The flexible strip attaches to a variety of surfaces through use of double back sticky tape. For long term surface adhesion make sure the mating surface is properly clean including removal of dust or oily surface contaminates, and access to an electrical outlet, preferably hidden, is available for the 24 volt plug-in, remote transformer or plug- in power supply. When purchasing LED tape lighting, be sure the power supply is included. In many instances the power supply is sold separately.

As with all electrical devices quality and reliability are not the same. Electrical issues range from early diode burn out to larger concerns including electrical short circuits or electric shock. Never install LED lighting near a water source such as a sink and when the lights are used in damp locations be sure the product is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Canadian Underwriters Laboratories (CUL) certified. You also want to purchase lights that are certified by the Design Light Consortium.

LED tape lighting makes any room or architectural outdoor setting sparkle while adding safety to the space. An added benefit of LED lighting is lower power consumption, which is easy on the pocketbook too.

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