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Must Have Gear for Avid Adventure Seekers

Adventure seekers, campers and hikers need their quota of fresh air, burning legs and the joy of experiencing nature in all her glory. Frequent hikers and backpackers are making plans for year end trips to close out 2017 and decide what equipment goes on their wish list for the upcoming holidays. November is a great time to shop for camping gear for yourself and traveling companion and snag some great deals. Below are must have purchases to consider for the next shopping spree.

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  • Flashlights: This provision tops every list of camping or hiking must-haves. Whether it’s a long day on the trail or overnight tent camping, you need a quality flashlight to keep you safe on your outing. We recommend shopping at online store for LED flashlights. Offering a wide selection of solar LED flashlights, solar chargers, and assortment of other rechargeable and high lumen battery flashlights, merchandise is reasonably priced and designed to provide years of outstanding performance.

LED Flashlights | Adventure Campaigns | Campaign gears | Online flashlight store | Tents

  • Tents: A well designed lightweight tent is worth its weight in gold. Strong winds, rain and snow can turn an adventure into a miserable experience if adequate shelter is unavailable. A good tent comes at a price but does not need to break the bank. When purchasing a tent think in terms of quality of construction, design, seasonal capabilities, and longevity of use. A good tent will last decades when properly maintained. BTW you want to make sure your tent has a hanging feature to suspend a lightweight LED lantern.

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  • Sleeping Bag: so many choices to consider when selecting a sleeping bag including temperature rating, materials used, and of course weight. Frequent backpackers have an assortment of sleeping bags to accommodate the time of year they are out on the trail. To augment the sleeping bag, a good ground pad is a back saver. Not only does a pad minimize moisture it also provides comfort from rocks and other obstructions.

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  • Shoes: Possibly the most essential element to enjoying a long day or multiple days on the trail are quality shoes. Again, so many choices but general considerations include ankle support, comfort of fit, waterproof, and weight. Every veteran hiker knows a new pair of hiking boots requires a break in period. The pain of swollen and blistered feet can turn any outdoor adventure into a nightmare. Along with quality shoes, hikers must select appropriate socks to control moisture and provide adequate warmth.

At days end the quality of equipment, including its proper use and maintenance, makes all the difference between a great outing, regardless of weather conditions, or a miserable experience. Quality lighting, be it LED flashlights and LED lanterns, tent, sleeping bag and shoes in combination add to the joy of multiple trips to enjoying nature’s beauty.

Pick your gear wisely, get out often and only leave footprints!

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