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Hurricane Recovery and Emergency Preparedness

The level of devastation resulting from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria impact on islands across the Caribbean continues to affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Near total destruction of communication and electrical grids has brought island nations to a standstill. The ability to provide rescue and relief services are hindered by downed trees and washed out roads.

Cell phones become useless without a communication grid to manage connectivity and power to periodically recharge the phones. For some, who understand the importance of emergency preparedness, they assembled emergency kits that contained small solar panel charging stations, like Solar Charger 489 and purchase flashlights and lanterns that do not require replacement batteries including Shake Light 40 and waterproof flashlight-floodlights like the Vortex Crank Flashlight.

Devastation extends to numerous islands beyond San Juan including Dominica, Guadeloupe and the Virgin Islands. Sadly loss of life was experienced throughout the region. Aid has been hampered by the level of devastation compounded by difficult terrain and over stretched resources by the U.S. government. Distance from the mainland United States further compounds the challenge of providing relief. Emergency preparedness kits become essential when devastation on the scale of the 2017 hurricane season strikes.

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Compounding the problem, rain and ongoing flooding continues to impact the region. Rescuing people stranded on roofs and make shift shelters continues. Aid is pouring into San Juan and the region overall but the extent of damage will take years to restore normalcy. For less populated islands, relative to Puerto Rico, recovery is even further away.

If there is a silver lining to this story in comes from the perspective that with federal aid supporting recovery efforts, in addition to private industry, at least Puerto Rico can modernize its electrical grid and overall infrastructure. Long term recovery requires implementing repairs that support making things better including design features that withstand future storms.

Regardless of all the aid, recovery will be hard and expensive. Logistics alone makes rebuilding difficult. Daily life will be intolerable and dangerous; especially for the elderly located in isolated areas. Clean water will be hard to access and food supplies will be dependent upon air drops while road repairs are underway.

These hardships underscore the importance of emergency preparedness and the assembly of an emergency kit that supports survival during difficult times. carries and assortment of emergency lighting equipment specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions and operate without dependence on alkaline batteries. When light is essential!!!

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