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How Flashlights are Essential During Emergencies

For emergencies, a saying that holds true is: failing to plan is planning to fail.

During a natural disaster such as a hurricane, everything you take for granted in your daily life goes out the window. You may be justified with no belonging. The stabilities in your life that you relied on are no longer available. You have to make do with your pre-arranged provisions. If these provisions fail to withstand the demands of the emergency your situation becomes dire.

Flashlights are an essential emergency preparedness tool. You need light during an emergency because the first piece of infrastructure to crumble is the electrical grid. Power outages are common during severe weather such as hurricanes like Harvey and Irma or other natural disasters. Even during earthquakes and floods, power lines are severed, with design or without, and thousands of homes instantly descend into darkness.

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You need a rechargeable light source to accomplish basic needs like cooking food or going to the bathroom. After sunset, you need a light source to keep you safe. You can never be sure about your surroundings during an emergency. A flashlight becomes an essential tool and should always be available for when an emergency situation develops.

Incandescent flashlights were once the norm but not anymore. LED flashlights consume less power and offer better lumens of light. Moreover, many LED flashlights come with rechargeable batteries you can charge during the day. You can buy solar LED-flashlights at and keep the flashlight safely stored in the Light Finder Glow N Dark wall holster.  Keep your solar flashlight charged during the day and have light throughout the night.

Several parameters determine the performance of a flashlight and its ability to be your best friend during an emergency. For example, you need to consider its power consumption, the duration of the battery cells and the intensity of the light beam. There are also different varieties of flashlights available in the market. Pen flashlights and LED lanterns are useful but serve different purposes. Just the same light regardless of its delivery system is comforting when needed.

Another version of portable light most useful during an emergency is a LED headlamp. Providing high and low-intensity spot and flood light beams a LED headlamp provides hands-free illumination during a crisis. A LED headlamp complements flashlights and lanterns in providing useful light to keep you and your family safe.

We recommend an emergency kit for the home and vehicle. Hopefully, your employer keeps kits available but having a backup plan is always a good idea. Remember the four basics to surviving a catastrophic event: 1) shelter, 2) water, 3) food and 4) light.

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