Flashlight Accessory – Light Finder “Glow N Dark” Flashlight Holder

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Glow N Dark Flashlight Holder

Flashlight Accessory – Light Finder Glow N Dark Flashlight Holder

Light Finder Glow N Dark flashlight holder is one of the most practical flashlight accessory you will ever own. The versatile luminescent holder is injection molded from chemically resistant ABS plastic and its flexible wings are designed for holding flashlights or other light fixtures that have a shaft or head diameter that ranges in size from 1.25″ (3.2cm) to 2.25″ (5.7cm). Light Finder wall mount is injection molded with a luminescent additive that provides a soft consistent glow for 8+ hours. No batteries are required. Light Finder phosphorous agent charges by exposure to natural or artificial light. Equipped with drywall anchors and self-tapping screws Light Finder is a versatile flashlight accessory that can be installed in locations where immediate access to your flashlight or lamp is desired. Light Finder is more than a Glow in the Dark light holder, it also serves as a safety tool that supports immediate room orientation when the lights go out. Light Finder operates as a maintenance free nightlight for the kids too.  Few flashlight accessories provide the versatility of use as does Light Finder Glow N Dark Flashlight Holder.

Buy Light Finder Wall Mount – The flashlight accessory that keeps of glowing.