LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern and Flashlight

LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern, Rechargeable flashlight, LED Lantern, Camping lantern, emergency light, crank flashlight

LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern

LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern and Flashlight

LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern operates as a lantern, flashlight, emergency beacon and mobile charger for low voltage electronic devices. This handheld light eliminates dependence upon batteries by storing dynamo generated electricity into a carbon ultra-capacitor. Completely maintenance free, LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern provides years of worry free illumination and use. Designed for camping and emergency preparedness conditions LightStorm SL1 is lightweight and water resistant. Accessorized with a retractable hook for vertical light suspension and magnet inserts for attachment to ferrous metallic surfaces, LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern allows for hands free use.

With center spot and cluster of three white LEDs, LightStorm SL1 easily transitions from a flashlight to lantern and back again. In spotlight operation a beam of light is projected to a distance of 25 feet and if used for emergency rescue location identification the light can be seen from miles away under favorable atmospheric conditions. In floodlight mode, 3 LED setting, LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern delivers an even beam of light ideal for lighting your tent interior. An added emergency feature is the incorporation of 3 red LEDs, which operate in flash mode as a warning signal.

Equipped with a built in power jack, which is accessorized with a charging cable and USB adaptor, LightStorm SL1 Capacitor Lantern recharges a variety of mobile phones simply by plugging your device in and turning the crank handle. LightStorm SL1 is the size of a hockey puck, weighs only 8 ounces and operates in extreme temperatures that battery devices fail to withstand. A must lighting tool for every survival kit!

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