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How to Choose the Best and Brightest Tactical LED Flashlight

When you buy battery powered flashlights online, there are a variety of considerations to take into account. To say the least, the range of available options can be staggering, To ensure you purchase the best and brightest tactical LED flashlight, you need to carefully consider four important factors: battery longevity relative to flashlight on time (i.e. light output duration), light brightness, weight and size.

  • Light Output vs. Price

Let’s consider light output relative to price. You can buy LED flashlights online that are very inexpensive or purchase flashlights that cost hundreds of dollars. There are a variety of factors that impact this evaluation including type of LED incorporated into the design, which ranges from less than 1 watt to 5 watts, LED manufacturer, and type of battery incorporated into flashlight design. This is important because a higher wattage LED naturally requires more power to operate and as a side note produces more heat.

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Consider the type of LED used in the flashlight and the light output measured in lumens. The brighter the light projected from the source the greater is the lumen value. In addition to lumens, you want to look at the intensity of the light beam, the distance it traverses and the type of LED used. Lumens in flashlights can vary from a meager 20lm, ideal for reading a book or seeing objects that are very close, to light output values greater than 3500lm, which can illuminate objects several hundred yards away.

Another factor to consider is run time. This is the duration of time the LED projects lights that remain useful to the user. Light output usefulness is subjective. It depends on the distance of the object from the light source, the brightness of light beam and focus capability of the flashlight. There is a misnomer that the brighter the flashlight the better. It’s possible to have too much light, as in a spotlight, where over saturating the object with illumination makes it harder to see details.

Flashlight run times vary as well. Some flashlights light output drops gradually while others may emit a steady beam for a longer time and then suddenly plunge to a low light level. Checking the run time before you buy battery powered flashlights online is a good idea.

  • Flashlight Size and Weight

The size of the flashlight and its weight are important buying considerations. Don’t be fooled into thinking purchasing a heavier or larger flashlight provides a brighter light or is the best choice relative to locations where the flashlight will be used. Smaller flashlights are pretty good, too. The advantage of larger flashlights is the general ability to store larger battery cells, which typically provides more power to operate higher wattage LEDs.

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