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Why You Should Buy Shake Flashlights?

Shake flashlights have emerged as an alternative to the traditional variety of flashlights. If you scan through the comments on these products available online, the verdict is quite split, to say the least. Some users have loved the shake flashlights while others are not too gung-ho about it. To understand why you need to buy shake flashlights online, preferably from a reputed name like HaveLight, let’s find out what these are anyway, especially for the uninitiated.

Benefits of having Shake Flashlights

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They are battery-free

The biggest benefit of Shake flashlights is they don’t need batteries. They fire up after shaking them vigorously for some seconds. It works by an electromagnetic method named after the scientist Faraday. As they don’t need batteries, you can draw the obvious conclusion that these flashlights are your best friend in an emergency, like earthquakes or blizzards when you are cut off for some hours, if not days. As they operate without batteries, you can carry them on hiking trips and expeditions.

No Battery Flashlights | rugged shake flashlights | Flashlight Online Store | nightstar flashlight

Built for rugged use

Shake flashlights found on our online flashlight store have a major advantage in the fact that they are built for rugged use. You can accidentally drop them on hard, rocky surfaces and they will survive with élan! For hikers and adventure sports lovers, these flashlights stand the test of extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. Even in freezing conditions, the mechanism in a shake flashlight does not falter, like a traditional flashlight would.

No Battery Flashlights | rugged shake flashlights | Flashlight Online Store | nightstar flashlight

They are water resistant

The shake flashlights available online on Havelight Store are water resistant flashlights to the core. This is another reason why they are good for trekking trips and in emergency situations. During inclement weather conditions, you are always worried about water and moisture seepage into your electrical equipments. Battery-run flashlights are bound to fall apart. In such trying conditions, you can rely on the shake flashlights to bail you out.

Finally, like it has been pointed out here, shake flashlights are excellent during emergencies. Just a few shakes and your flashlight switches on, with their LED bulbs emanating powerful illumination. They will not fail you when you need them most. Only thing is, because of their electromagnetic quality and mechanism, you should keep it away from credit cards, pacemakers and computers.

With that part sorted, your shake flashlight will stand by you in emergencies and extreme weather conditions.

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