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Why We Should Avoid The Overuse of LED Lights at Night?

The availability of convenience sometimes allows us to go for overkill! As a result, what could have been useful and healthy, turns into something that causes inconvenience to us. The use of LED lights is something similar. When LED lights became popular and the go-to light for people across the globe, they also fell into the danger of being overused. According to data published in a journal titled Science Advances, there is statistical evidence that suggests the increase in light pollution throughout the world due to the overuse of LED lights.

In other words, the data clearly points out how people are now using LED lights at times and places where they could have done without them. For example, due to the environment-friendly nature of LED lights, more people are using them to light areas that are unnecessary. Parks and streets that people seldom use at night are being overzealously fitted with LED lights, illuminating every nook and corner to make them look beautiful. What it does is boost the light pollution in an area, something which was not around before LED lights became so popular and prevalent.

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Doctors and medical experts familiar with the human body clock indicate that the excess illumination around human beings at night is not healthy. Our body clock does not respond well to all this additional light around when it is supposed to be dark. Your sleep hormones are disturbed and the lack of proper, deep sleep can lead to long-term health complications like diabetes, hypertension and the like. This additional light is not good for your body clock in any way.

Moreover, it is a myth that illuminating every street corner or pathway leads to a decrease in the crime level of an area. It is often quoted in the media that unlit highways and parks need light in order to bring down instances of crime. Sociologists suggest that the inverse, in fact, can be true! Light in isolated areas allows criminals to see what is around them to target unsuspecting people and make a quick getaway. The extra light actually does nothing for people living in an area.

The ideal way is to regulate the amount of LED lights being used. Switching off lights in rooms that are not in use is one small step of the way. Let us use LED lights as an asset, rather than something that can be strewn all along the way.

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