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Alarming Situation – Deadliest Earthquakes may Hit Billions Next Year

Some alarming stats have rolled out from scientists and seismologists about the occurrence of earthquakes next year. According to them, we have been fortunate this current year because there were only 6 severe earthquakes to hit the planet. Next year, we are not going to be so lucky! Stats offered by these earthquake experts highlight that they predict about 20 earthquakes, all of which can be categorized as ‘severe’.

The reason that they cite is the slow rotation speed of the earth on its axis. There are some complicated reasons why the rotation speed will be slow next year. What we do need to know that because of this slow rotation speed, the earth will release a lot of energy stored underground in a manner of compensation. That does not bode well for us, because it will trigger some vigorous seismic activity, leading to severe earthquakes all over the world.

Deadly Earthquakes may Hit Billions Next Year | LED Flashlight | Crank Flashlight | Havelight

What We Can Do Be Prepared From Most Deadliest Earthquake.

While there is little that we can do about this phenomenon, something that is well beyond human control, we can prepare ourselves to deal with the situation at hand. There is no escaping from this problem, mainly because there is nowhere to hide! But, being vigilant and careful, you can minimize the damage. You can protect yourself and your family, especially if you live in an earthquake prone zone.

One of the foremost survival tricks to get through the challenges of being hit by an earthquake is to have a flashlight ready at hand. Trust the power lines to be the first casualty of an earthquake! If they don’t snap on their own due to power grids crashing down in the earthquake, the power will be cut off to avoid electrocution or untoward incidents. With electricity gone, you are literally in the dark, not to mention figuratively as well.

Flashlights can bail you out of such situations. They can provide the required light to help you survive. If you are careful about buying different kinds of LED lights online, you can have lights that can help you cook, do essential personal tasks and even read a book while you wait for help to arrive. Simple LED flashlights will help you signal and call for help, if you get stuck due to debris or structures falling around you. It is a scary thought but you have to be ready for such eventualities in an earthquake.

Be prepared and you will do a better job of surviving!

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