Adventure Solar LED Flashlight

Adventure Solar LED Flashlight, Assembled in the USA. rechargeable flashlight, led flashlight, solar power,

Adventure Solar Flashlight

Adventure Solar LED FlashLight

The Adventure Solar LED Flashlight lights the way when the power goes out, during camping or backpacking trips, and when a flashlight is needed around the home or worksite. The flashlight housing is molded from recycled aluminum providing protection against drops and rugged use while offering protection to the internal components that include three high intensity LEDs that illuminate objects 40+ feet away. Powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery, which is charged through the quality polycrystalline solar panel, the NiMH battery fully charges in 8 hours and provides 4 hours of continuous light. Compact in size, measuring only 5 inches in length (12.7cm) and weighing 5 ounces (140g) the Adventure Solar LED Flashlight conveniently fits into your pocket, glove box or drawer although we recommend the Light Finder Glow-N-Dark light holder so the flashlight is constantly charging when exposed to light. Available in 7 colors including our most popular colors: red, blue and silver.

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