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LightStorm SL1 is a great little light and does all described. The only thing is the light time once charged. I wish the technology was there to make that last a little longer, but thats the trade off from battery to capacitor. This thing will last as long as the crank lasts. I’m thinking many, many years. Very versatile and I would recommend this to anyone making an emergency bag or campers of all types! Tough as nails as well!

It is going on five years now since I have owned the Green LED NightStar and it has been nothing but reliable. I even purchased one for my father–who was quite amused and skeptical upon receiving the flashlight–and it is now the first item he reaches for when there is a power outage. Please note this light is not intended to be especially bright and is rather suited for basic emergency lighting. In this regard, it is a solid, reliable light when one necessitates basic illumination.

I’ve tried other non-battery flashlights and Vortex is far and away the best I’ve used! I don’t just use it in an emergency, I use it almost every day and have been for over a year and a half. I’ve used it in Costa Rica and Uruguay on my farms. It is the only one I will take outside at night.

I didn’t buy this light at first because I thought the crank handle would break, but have no fear, it is very strong and I would recommend it to anyone. In fact I have two – one for me and one for my wife. Unless I drop it off a cliff, I don’t expect to ever have to buy another. I give this the highest 5 star rating.

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